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DJ Kay-B Hart



Kay-B Hart, also known as DJ Kay-B, is an experimental DJ and producer hailing from the DC Metro area. She has been turning and mixing tunes since 2009 and has been in love with music since before her time. Her mother says she's been grooving to the beat since she was in the womb. As a kid in the 90s, Kay-B would record her own mixed tapes straight from the radio. Her first set of cassette tapes were Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Bone Thugs and Harmony and Groove Theory to name a few.  When she could, she would sneak on her grandmother's record player and attempt to mix and scratch Michael Jackson and DeBarge albums, unaware that it was not an actual 'DJ' turntable and noticed later she was actually scratching the albums. She then realized she wanted to be involved in music and needed her own turntables.


Fast-forward to college, as a freshman Kay-B worked as a radio DJ and personality on 90.5 WANM in Tallahassee, Florida from 10pm-1am up to her senior year. On the weekends she Dj’d campus gigs, friend parties and word of mouth referral events at local bars and lounges. In the summer she interned at DC's hottest radio station WPGC- 95.5. After school Kay-B made the big move to NYC where she continues to practice her craft mixing remixes, soul, hip hop, RnB, trap and whatever else she feels is a necessity in the party place. She has 5 mixtapes/mixes on Datpiff and Soundcloud. She has rocked several private parties, non-profit events and openings across the nation from Brooklyn, Manhattan and LA to Washington DC. Kay-B lives by the quotes “Shoot for the starz” and “you can only go as high as you fail,” and she plans to take the music as far as she can. She is also a part of a production group, viceXversa, whom has music on the way and serves as the owner of production company "Play Fair Prod."


Instagram and Twitter: @kaybhart

Soundcloud and Mixcloud:


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